Here at Little Common School we believe that computing is key to pupils learning in today's time, and as such we put a lot of focus on ICT here at the school. We have a large computer suite with the latest and best educational programs and software for the children to expand there knowledge of ICT doing so while enjoying themselves. We have an extensive and in depth curriculum, covering a wide range of subjects so that through the years that your child is here, they will learn many different aspects of ICT and will be well prepared for our ever expanding technical world. 

We are extremely proud of our pupils work, and we are happy to be able to show you a selection of their work, so you as parents can see the learning opportunities your child is getting here at Little Common, and how well they are getting on.


Scratch is one of the programs we use during our ICT lessons, it allows pupils to design their own games through the use of programming. Pupils will learn about creating instructions and will have to use their problem solving skills to make a fully functional game. Click on the picture to be taken to the scratch website to try it yourself, or click here to look at our pupil's work on Scratch.


Kodu allows children to explore their creative side with a love of gaming, they are free to create a mini world of their own, however they like. Their imagination is the only limit. We believe Kodu is an fun and way for children to learn about computing and game designing, while enjoying them selves and being creative at the same time. Click the pictures to try Kodu for yourself, or click here to have a look at our pupils work on Kodu.


Purple Mash is the newest addition to our computing curriculum, and already we have seen very good results from using this learning tool. Our pupils love using Purple Mash, because it has many different educational games and a wide range of different learning styles on there. Purple Mash covers every subject at the school, and has many different games and worksheets for the pupils to use and learn from. It has quickly become one of our most useful learning experiences, and we will continue to expand on it. Click on the picture to be taken to the Purple Mash Website, or click here to view some of our pupils Purple Mash work.