We believe a school uniform brings a sense of unity and purpose.

Our parents/carers generally prefer their children to be dressed in a neat and practical way.

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Our Provider is Superstich.

Changes to the uniform policy

There are a few small changes to our uniform.

The changes are being phased in so that pupils can use current uniform for the remainder of this 2017-18 school year and sweatshirts may be worn until July 2019. This will ensure that any pupils in Year 5 or 6 who have recently purchased sweatshirts with room for growth will not need to purchase new jumpers for a short period. Although sweatshirts are comfortable, parents tell us that they do not keep their shape and jumpers will look smarter.

Polo shirts for summer uniform are being phased out as pupils tell us that they can feel heavier in hot weather than the short sleeved formal shirts and parents tell us that the formal shirts last longer and keep white longer than the polo shirts. The decision will be phased in from this summer, with polo shirts allowed until September 2018.

Parents of new Foundation pupils in September 2018 will be asked to purchase according to the new uniform list.